Fat baby3

Dorrie definitely seems to have inherited her mom and dad’s metabolism, which is both a good and a bad thing. Good because once we got her started gaining weight, she has not slowed down. Bad because for whatever reason, her length is still not keeping up with her body mass. Obesity is not great at any age.

This morning she tipped the scales at 20lbs 1oz, which means we are pretty soon going to have to think about getting her a new car seat. The problem: the next level of car seat is the convertible car seat, meaning the sort that can face rear and front. These are the kind of car seats that do not detach from the base to double as an infant carrier. For a normal baby that just means your average pain in the butt of hefting the kid into the car and out again. For Dorrie, with all of her tubes and equipment, it means we have to try and buckle her in carside while we also keep anything from disconnecting or becoming too stretched and thus pulling painfully on her body.

[Interrupting to eyeroll at Dubya checking his watch during the opening ceremonies. NICE.]

We’re also changing her feeding schedule a bit. For about 9 months now she’s been on q3 feedings, and with her constant puking we’ve been nervous about reducing the number of feeds and increasing the quantity of food she gets each time. First because, logically, more food = more likely to throw up, but also because less feeds = each throw up matters more. Result: paralysis. In any case, not that tube feedings are in any way ‘normal’, but perhaps if we spread them further apart she will start to develop more hunger pangs and a sense of when her belly is supposed to be filled. It should also give us a longer stretch of time where we feel she has digested enough food that she’s unlikely to return it. So this weekend begins the q4 feeding experiment, dropping from 8 feeds a day to 6. If it goes well, in a few weeks we’ll drop down one more, to 5 feedings a day.


  1. grampaPaul:

    Hey I’m down to 3 feedings a day!

    (August 17th, 2008 at 11:12 AM)
  2. mikuslisa:

    The Greco “Safe Seat” is an infant carrier with base that can hold up to 30 pounds. Mine came with my travel system, but I’m sure that they sell them seperate as well.

    (August 17th, 2008 at 9:23 PM)
  3. mom:

    The problem is that the Safe Seat isn’t convertible. So while we’d be good up to 30lbs, we’d be spending about $200 (car seat + stroller) for a replacement that will probably only be used a dozen times or less. :(

    If I’d done more research in the beginning we probably would have gone with the Safe Seat line rather than the SnugRide in the first place.

    (August 17th, 2008 at 9:46 PM)

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