Babies Flying Everywhere

In class today, Prof J was talking about how if you include animations and things with user interfaces, you usually also have to include some sort of timing mechanism — you can’t just depend on the clockspeed of the computer, because, obviously, with them increasing at a very fast rate, whatever speed you design for will almost certainly not be the speed at which your UI is running. And it’s very bad if your UI goes faster or slower depending on the computer it’s on. (not counting memory issues, of course.)

This reminded me of an old DOS game that I used to have, called “Bouncing Babies”. It was about this hospital that was on fire, and all of the babies were being thrown out the windows to the firemen below. The firemen had to get their landing mat underneath the falling babies and bounce them into the waiting ambulance. Anyway, our first DOS based machine was an 8088, and we had that for years and years. I finally got a 486 my senior year of high school, and I transported most of our DOS games over to it so I could play them. The vast majority worked just fine, but “Bouncing Babies” — damn, those babies would just shoot out of the hospital like bullets! *splat*

*pokes around* If anyone wants to try it, here it is.

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