Betrayed by Adam Sandler

It’s been a while.

So it’s time for another random update that doesn’t really say anything.

Good news for HP fic writers. Homosexual orgies will now be legal in the UK.

A conversation with Jeff.
Jeff: You know that movie _Anger Management_? The one with Jack Nicholson?
K: Yeah?
Jeff: I saw it, and I couldn’t believe it.
K: … what couldn’t you believe?
Jeff: Adam Sandler’s character in it? He was a YANKEES FAN.
K: …
Jeff: He’s from Manchester!! How could he do that?!
K: That’s why it’s called acting.

Wisdom from Jeff
“You know that people from the South call northerners Yankees? I bet if they called a Red Sox fan that they’d get mad.”

A car with two bumper stickers (Not Jeff’s. He only has the first one.):
Yankees Suck!     God Bless America

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