Something to write about

Why is it that I can always think of things to write about when I’m not near a computer?

The world misses so much because I can’t blog mentally from the car or the shower (ha ha, you laugh). I don’t know what it is; or maybe I do: it’s the lack of distraction in those places. I’ve rarely got time to just sit and think when I’m at home or at work, there’s always something going on that is pulling my attention toward it. And somehow those mental compositions melt away like dreams by the time I get back to a computer.

I do notice that I never did write about my last trip to Pittsburgh or Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving was pretty much a non-event: Bob and I drove out on Wednesday and stayed in a lovely hotel courtesy of FRU, then went over to grandma’s the next morning. The whole lot of us went out to the same buffet we’d visited last year, and then we spent the afternoon camped out in the living room, playing a board game and playing any number of mental games stemming from the presence of my cousin’s toddler. Finally, the traditional movie and then home.

Pittsburgh had more action, so will require its own entry.

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  1. J:

    I saw something recently that said most scientific theories and breakthroughs occurred on buses, in baths, or in beds. The three b’s. It’s the down time where you’re not telling your brain to do anything in particular, so it comes up with stuff.

    (December 3rd, 2006 at 10:54 pm)