Finally, after 7 years and 3 tries, I have finished Final Fantasy 8.

I have this incredibly stupid habit of getting 2/3rds (or further!) in video games and then… stopping. I don’t know why. Or well, I do know why: I get invested in the characters and I feel that I’m coming to the end, so something in me forces me to stop playing so the story won’t be over. I do this with books, too, where I’ll wander away from a series before the final book or halfway through the final chapter. Video games I have done this with: Kingdom Hearts, Xenogears, Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy 6, Final Fantasy 9, Star Ocean, Harvest Moon, Angelic Layer, Okage, Adventure of Link (yes, it started that early!!)… I’m sure I could think of more if I gave it more time. Some of these I’ve gone back and replayed and finished, but others I haven’t. Wasted, wasted time.

In any case, Final Fantasy 8, you are done. The end. Kaput.

(But I must recommend, if you ever do have to play this game, it multiplies the amusement factor a hundred-fold to give Squall and Rinoa better names. Myself, I called them Fuckwit and Dumbass. [And, of course, the dog — Mickey.] And so I am able to leave everyone with this final quote:

Edea: You’re the only Fuckwit allowed to be here!


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  1. jun:

    Hee. Is it, by chance, a tin dog? :)

    (January 14th, 2007 at 2:11 pm)