Recent and Less Recent Fail

Fail 1: Biker Cop
Sitting on his 10-speed with his little bike-cop uniform.
Perhaps a useful sort of cop in a city, but in a sprawling bedroom community where it can take a half hour to -drive- from south to north?

Fail 2: Annoying Radar Cop
Staking out the Hudson side of the bridge right next to the spot where the speed limit inexplicably drops to 35mph.
Fortunately in spite of his attempts to hide, highly visible from before the speed limit changes.

Fail 3: Lady at Checkout.
Sitting on her motorized cart thingee.
I have no problem with you because of the cart but rather your inability to count. 25 < 14 = FALSE Fail 4: The Josie Prescott mystery series, by Jane Cleland I was so excited to discover there was a mystery series set on the seacoast of New Hampshire. I remained thrilled and excited right up until page three of the first book, where the city of Rocky Point, located approximately where Hampton is in the real world, was described as having a population of 100,000. Do you know how many cities of that size there are in the ENTIRE STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE? ONE. Even Nashua is still working on breaking into six figures. I tried to continue after that, but the lack of basic research evidenced by such a stupid population figure made it impossible for me to get in to the story. Fail 5: The Jersey Barnes mystery series, by T. Lynn Ocean I picked this up at the library because the cover made it sound interesting. And it seemed promising through the first couple of chapters -- Jersey, unlike many recent series detectives, is a security consultant and has a lot of training and knowledge, so it doesn't stretch plausibility that she would become embroiled in mysteries. But before too long the repeated references to her ginormous boobs and shounen anime figure had forced me to abandon all hope of continuing. Fail 6: The Lomax & Biggs mystery series, by Marshall Karp A blogger I've read for years had spent quite a bit of time gushing about this author and how much she adored the series. But the victim in the first book is a child molester, and even though he did die, I was turned off after all the waxing eloquent about how much fun he was having copping feels from little kids. It was too disturbing and it felt creepy.


  1. Elana:

    Re: Bike cop. That’s less for coverage and more for accessibility. Like a beat cop. You’re supposed to get to know your local cop so you and he (or she) can build a relationship. They do this more in commercial areas.

    Recent Fail in MA: Security Guards in the Target/Stop & Shop parking lot (it’s not big) riding a Segway.

    Tertiary Fail: Mall security guard at North Shore Mall going from parking lot on a Segway (okay, it is a big lot) to riding Segway through the mall.

    (August 21st, 2009 at 4:41 am)
  2. K:

    Maybe they all saw that mall cop movie.. wasn’t it set in MA?

    (August 22nd, 2009 at 12:52 pm)
  3. jun:

    This post is awesome. Maybe you’re reading fewer books these days because you’re unwilling to spend the time to finish duds?

    (August 29th, 2009 at 2:11 pm)
  4. K:

    Hmm. Possibly, but I think it’s more the reason in the next post — video games. :)

    (August 29th, 2009 at 2:34 pm)