I’m looking at my reading list from this year and I read a completely pathetic TWO books in July. TWO.

This doesn’t count the 30 times I read Princess Baby or the 25 times I read Wocket in my Pocket, but there is no excuse. Well, actually, there is an excuse, and that excuse is the Nintendo DS. I started replaying Phoenix Wright, and consequently all of my spare time was absorbed by that. I finally (re)finished the fourth game in the series around the beginning of August.

I’ve been reading more in August, though still not nearly as much as usual. However, just two more books (1.1 books, really, based on how much I’ve read already of both) and then I am going to start my Vorkosigan reread, September’s tripletake book be damned. I just need to finish those books before Professor Layton 2 arrives from amazon, or I am sure to be sidetracked once again.

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